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Mobilization strategies and techniques

“How do I pull all of this information together.” Simulation case based course. The learner will be presented with clinical cases for patients with various

Critical thinking/clinical reasoning

“How do we know what we don’t know?” That’s the million dollar question. This course builds upon the information presented in the foundations and critical

Mechanical Circulatory Support (MCS)

“That machine is doing what?” We’ll review the devices available to support our patients cardiac function. The learner will be able to identify the different

Mechanical Ventilation

The ABC for critical care management; “A” is for airway! We review the principles of mechanical ventilation that will aide in clinical decision making related

Critical Care lines and support devices

“Where do I start with all of these lines and machines?” We’re detangling the lines, deciphering the critical care monitor, quieting the incessant alarms, and

Cardiac and Pulmonary Foundations

The webinar is a fantastic place to start in your journey to calm the chaos of the acute/critical care setting! This webinar offers a basic

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