Clinical Reasoning Simplified.

An Innovative Approach to Clinical Education.

The assumption was a license meant that I possessed the skill, clinical reasoning, and interdisciplinary communication needed to be safe to  care for patients supported on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO). I watched as other disciplines received education and completed competencies but wondered when my questions and concerns were going to be answered. 

“Where are these lines going?” 

“How is this machine,  supporting the patient?”

“How do I make sure I’m doing this as safe as possible?” 

Mostly importantly, “What do I do if these lines come out!?”

In hindsight, I understand....

Rehabilitation services professionals ARE extremely smart and highly capable. But no one should be asked to manage these patients without first being given the tools to do so.

Here’s where we come in!

We’re  excited to announce a course that aims to answer your clinical questions AND more!

We’ll fill a day and a half with the information needed to answer your pertinent clinical questions as well as HIGH FIDELITY SIMULATION SCENARIOS that allow low stress clinical application! 

Now is the time to practice:

Low flow or No flow and the patient is decompensating? No problem! We’ll walk through the problem solving process!

How can we optimize the patient’s performance with therapy with modification to ECMO support if needed? We’ll introduce the key terminology necessary to communicate effectively with the interdisciplinary team!

Accidental decannulation or cannula migration with mobilization? Now’s the time to practice to ensure calm during the real storm!

Hospital patient using a walker, attached to tubes and lines, being assisted by hospital personnel


But who am I? Let me tell you my story…

Hi, I’m Erica, PT and Board-Certified Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Specialist

I’ve been a physical therapist practicing in the controlled chaos of the intensive care setting for over 15 years.

When I started practicing in the intensive care setting, I couldn’t make heads or tails of tangled lines/tubes or decipher the alphabet-soup that filled the conversations around me. Despite first impressions, I ABSOLUTELY fell in love with the setting, team, and patient population.

My passion now is to empower clinicians to detangle the lines/tubes, translate the medical gobble goo, and function confidently in the controlled chaos of the intensive care setting.

Integrity, Professional Duty, Social Responsibility, Excellence, Compassion/Caring, Accountability, Altruism

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