ECMO Advantage Training

As a physical therapist working in the critical care setting, I can remember the barrage of questions in my head  when we first started discussing mobilization of patients supported by ECMO:

  • “what happens if these lines come out!?”
  • “where are those lines going?”
  • “how is the machine supporting the patient?”
  • and most importantly, “Is this safe?”

Well, I’m excited to announce a course that aims to answer all these questions AND more! We’ll fill a day and a half with lecture and discussion of cardiac and pulmonary structure/function, critical care lines/support devices, and ECMO foundations/principals.

Learners also engage multiple HIGH FIDELITY SIMULATION SCENARIOS with debriefing to reinforce clinical knowledge and application.

We’ve partnered with an amazing company that specializes in ECMO education and designed a course specifically for the rehab professional managing patients supported on ECMO. Registration is open now!

Send a message or schedule a call for more information.

Hospital patient using a walker, attached to tubes and lines, being assisted by hospital personnel
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